Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly

From the 2014 vintages and onwards, the team have made the active decision to make as many wines Vegan and Vegetarian friendly. 

These wines that we produce do not contain any animal ingredients nor are animal products used in the processing/filtration of the product.

Vegan wine’s growing popularity raises questions about how wine is processed.

Many typical fining agents are from animal products. Fining agents are processing aids, which are mostly used to filter or ‘fine’ the wine. For example:

  • Gelatin
    from animal material

  • Albumin
    from egg whites

  • Isinglass
    from fish

  • Casein
    milk protein

Our main focus is on high quality wine production without the use of animal based fining agents.

What are Vegan wines?

No fish, milk, egg or animal-derived products are used in the making of the wine.

What do Byrne Vineyards do?

Hyper oxidative handling of white grape pressings breaks down the phenolics chain, which is softer on the palate than animal based fining agents.

PVPP is used in free run juice which is a non-animal product for enhancing colour and avoids the need for animal based fining agents.

For red wines, a potato based fining agent is sometimes used for removing unwanted astringency.

How do I know which wines are Vegan friendly?

This symbol appears on the back labels, indicating vegan and vegetarian friendly wines.

Of course some wine styles or vintage conditions require the use of inputs to assist with fermentation, fining or handling so there may be one variety on occasion which is not fully Vegan but still Vegetarian friendly.

But we will be sure to clearly highlight that so you can be assured of our integrity for delivering a product which suits your needs.