Scotts Creek Wetland Sanctuary

The Scotts Creek wetland is 870 hectares in size and located on the floodplain of the River Murray and adjoins the Byrne family vineyards at Morgan. This is one of the largest wetlands on the River Murray, natural and rated as a wetland of high conservation value. The wetlands area incorporates several smaller wetlands in addition to the main Brenda Park lagoon and Scotts Creek for which the vineyard is named.

Native fauna such as the endangered Growling Grass Frog and Regent Parrot are now thriving in their natural habitat.

Wetlands are a fundamental and valuable part of the Australian wildlife system, providing habitats, breeding sites, and drought refuges for a diversity of native fauna and flora. They are an important feature in our dry landscape with nearly 50% of the natural wetlands destroyed by salinity or other agricultural investments. This in turn endangers the continued existence of the River Murray, the plants and animals which exist in it, and the industries and towns which rely upon it. Thus native flora and fauna habitats abound on the property with research surveys conducted having identified more than 25 plant species, over 35 water dependent bird species, 5 frog species and 8 fish species native to the area. The diverse vegetation habitats support many animals including birds, fish, frogs, turtles, macro invertebrates and yabbies as well as kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, possums and bats.

Project Sanctuary’s mission is to preserve the natural environment for native species and in particular rare and endangered species. This is about maintaining a healthy natural ecosystem and minimising threats to the native species.

At Scotts Creek we have a number of en­dangered native species as listed by the Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999/South Australian National Parks and Wildlife Act 1971/.

A close neighbour to the wetlands is 400 hectares of Heritage Scrub, a protected area with a different ecosystem of flora and fauna, providing a home for animals like wombats, kangaroos and emus.

Wetland Fauna Wetland Flora 

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The broad objectives of Project Sanctuary are:

Preservation of the rare and endangered species on the properties;
Maintain good water quality in the wetland complex;
Reduce the abundance of exotic (non-native) species (both plant and animal);
Maintain the health of old and young River Red Gum, Black Box and Lignum trees;
Preserve native flora and fauna habitats;
Develop community awareness and support.

Supporters of Scotts Creek Wetland

Government of South Australia: South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board – Surveys
Riverland West Landcare – Member
SARDI – South Australian Research Development Institute – Fish Studies
Adelaide University – Education and Research studies
Prince Alfred College – Private School with camping facilities at the Wetland
Phil Reedman, Master of Wine – Wine Advisor, passionate about the environment
Progressive Green – Accredited Supplier of green power
DDH Wines – Chinese wine importer
Rindchen’s Weinkontor – German wine importer
Haugen Gruppen – Norwegian wine importer
Waldipol – Polish wine distributor

Read our environmental policy here:
Byrne Vineyards Environmental and Sustainability Policy