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South Australia: Liquor Licensing Act 1997, Section 113.
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2020 Halliday 4.5 star winery

100 BATS Shiraz

100 BATS Shiraz

In the darkest of night, miles from any soul, the bats awaken. Swooping over the marshy wetlands, past the old ruins and toward the sweet smell of Shiraz. Flying slowly using echolocation navigation for hunting prey, they glean insects from the vineyard and reeds to feast for the night. A Shiraz from a darker place that delivers flavour, depth and concentration with immediate impact. Vine-dried grapes grown on the estate are the bones to this concentrated style intensified with extra oak and flavours. It speaks of the nightly rituals, of the sustainable vineyards and of the intensity of the Shiraz it delivers in the glass.

100 BATS The Dark of Night. 

Single Vineyard   Block 46, Scotts Creek South Australia.

Vintage 2017

Variety  Shiraz

Alcohol   15.6%

Residual Sugar   6.7 gms

Titratable Acidity  5.8

pH  3.6


Blood red with darkest purple tinge. 


Ripe black fruits of red berries, raspberries and  cinnamon spice with molasses and smoky French oak


Full bodied and warm, the flavours of red berries and  steeped spiced plums have a hint of leather.   

The silky tannins provide a persistent mouthfeel  seamlessly integrated and scarily long lasting.  

Food Match: 

Rare steak or boned quail, BBQ pork ribs or small  goods. Vegetarian suitable for the non bloody thirsty.