Our Wines

Byrne Family Wines

Celebrating 50 years and 3 generations with the strength of our heritage.

Byrne Family Wines express our family’s dedication to the land and our vines. Mature vines are lovingly crafted into the highest quality wines.
This exciting range of the Byrne Family wines honours the generations past and yet to come.

Sourced from our Clare Valley and surrounding vineyards of South Australia, the three tier range offers classic Australian varietal wines and new alternative varieties that suit our vineyards perfectly.

With strikingly elegant labels and premium wine cues, Byrne Family wines offer classic Australian family values.

Calcannia Wines

Nestled in the Clare Valley’s Stanley Flat region, is Calcannia. 130km due north of Adelaide, and 6 km north of the township of Clare, beside the Hutt River and the Clare Valley Racecourse. It’s moderate-continental climate enjoys cool nights and long warm summer days, retaining crisp acidity, balance and structure in our wines.

Thomson Estate

1838 Walter Thomson, with wife Jane, arrived in Australia and established a winemaking tradition. Faithful to his approach, our estate vineyards in the Clare Valley and Riverland produce quality wines with great intensity.

Striving to convey through each wine the care and delicate methods we employ in our vineyards, these wines are chosen in the vineyard, within the bunches inside the rows. Destiny is not left to chance.


An Antiquarian is one who collects antiquities, rare books and curios. In collecting the best grapes from the best regions for the ultimate expression of fruit, Antiquarian is a collection of regional varietal wines. Only crafted from the best vintage years, made to last.

Scotts Creek

Imagine a place with abundant sunshine where rain falls just when the vineyards need it and whose ancient soils are ideal for our vines. An environment in harmony with the natural land, where beautiful rare birds, native animals and plants thrive. Welcome to Scotts Creek Sanctuary, the River Murray in South Australia. This is one of Australia’s largest and most significant natural wetland environments and home to Scotts Creek Wines from our family vineyards.


Woolpunda originates from a beautiful vineyard once used for sheep farming with breathtaking views.

The word Punda means water so we bring together the essence of Australian farming heritage with quality Australian wine.

Criminal Minds

On the run between our three South Australian vineyards, we collude with our vines to deliver the goods on ultimate varietal expression.
We’re constantly scheming about rejuvenating our beautiful Murray wetlands too – for which the authorities have already chased us down an award! Enjoy with your last meal or in isolation.

Devlins Mount

In the 1850s Paddy Devlin ran a wine shanty, peddling wine to weary cattlemen. The property now produces premium grapes from this section best known as Devlin’s Run near Devlins Pound. On a clear night when sitting back, enjoying a glass of wine on the River Murray, Devlin’s Mount can be seen on the cliff top.


Flavabom delivers its promise. Two distinctly unique wines of Single Vineyard Vine Dried Shiraz and White Field Blend.

The Shiraz is a minx of a wine that delivers flavour, depth and concentration with immediate impact. Single vineyard, vine-dried Shiraz grapes grown in our estate dirt are the backbone to this intense style. The integration of flavours, tannins and acids are hit with a judicious lashing of oak for a real flavour kick.

The White Field Blend is a secret mix, in an ancient practice, of co-harvesting and blending in the field. Co-fermented from intuitively selected grapes grown in the estate on low yielding, older vines of Muscadelle, Chenin Blanc, Colombard and Semillon. The influence of the French oak hit to these seamless fruit flavours is a layered and complex wine made to suit food.


In 1906 Sidney Wilcox built the estate Homestead [Mulyoulpko] where he lived while farming the local land and streams, for vegetables and fish to be sent to the city restaurants and markets. Made specifically to pair with food, these wines are opulent in style and seamlessly balanced for fine dining.

100 BATS

In the darkest of night, miles from any soul, the bats awaken. Swooping over the marshy wetlands, past the old ruins and toward the sweet smell of Shiraz. Flying slowly using echolocation navigation for hunting prey, they glean insects from the vineyard and reeds to feast for the night. A Shiraz from a darker place that delivers flavour, depth and concentration with immediate impact. Vine-dried grapes grown on the estate are the bones to this concentrated style intensified with extra oak and flavours. It speaks of the nightly rituals, of the sustainable vineyards and of the intensity of the Shiraz it delivers in the glass.


To immerse in the world with the love of travel, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Camping without effort is a way to jump right in and experience adventure.
Enjoy glamourous luxuries and wild serenity while doing so, with a glass of wine.

Von Rieben

Baron Hermann Von Rieben was born to a baronial family of the manor of Kosa-Broma in Mecklenburg. A sociable man, he built the Von Riebens Hotel, licenced in 1855 and operating continuously for twenty years until 1875. Of essential importance to tourists of the district where every comfort and accommodation was more than one could expect near the majestic lagoon teaming with fish and bird life.

Hermann was also the Postmaster opening the first Country Eyre Post Office in 1859 at the hotel. These historic sites are a link to our history and sit quietly adjacent the vineyards which continue to thrive producing this estate grown wine.

The Von Rieben crest features plumes, a scroll and dolphin which speaks to his proud European heritage.

Thievin' Devlin

Nestled on the picturesque River Murray near Waikerie, the Glen Devlin Vineyard is named after the original owner, Paddy Devlin, who ran a tavern on the property in the 1800s. Legend has it that Paddy tired of the plentiful freshly caught fish, preferred the local beef. Pity that it wasn't his beef....His cattle thieving days came to an abrupt end with his mysterious disappearance. No doubt Paddy would have been proud to serve these wines on a clear night when sitting back, enjoying a glass of wine on the River Murray.


A smooth afternoon ride to free the mind and take in the surrounds before a scrumptious meal and glass of wine.   Take in the atmosphere and enjoy .
This wine is Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly.

Alloy - Double Pass

ALLOY – DOUBLE PASS : Stronger by Design.
Made in the vineyard to deliver strength and power, semi vine-dried grapes are fermented into a concentrated POWERHOUSE of flavour and richness.
Conventional Shiraz is passed over the semi-dried to create the DOUBLE PASS.
We start with rich flavoured wines when combined with the concentrated parts the result is FULL BODIED lusciousness.
An elegant and sexy mix, try it with mates with the next BBQ or night out and enjoy for the next five years.


Pairing varietal wines to create more than the individual parts.
Pairing wine with food for a flavour connection.
Pairing moments with friends


We take the advantage of our naturally rich fruit and create a statement in wine style and flavour. The vine is the lifeblood of our wine. Semi vine-dried grapes are fermented into a concentration of flavour and richness. Regular Shiraz is passed over the semi-dried to create the DOUBLE PASS.

Glenrun Station

The history of glenrun station is as vast as the Australian landscape. Dating back before our vines were planted, the historical name is steeped in family tradition. With copious sunshine, rocky limestone soils and mature low yielding vines, glenrun station shines through our premium South Australian wines.

Light of Australia

Light up your life.