Glen Devlin Vineyards

Byrne Vineyards: Glen Devlin at Overland Corner Riverland SA

Nestled on the picturesque River Murray, the vineyard at Devlin's Pound is situated on the Goyder Highway between Morgan and Renmark near the historic Overland Corner. This 300 hectare property first had vines planted in the early 1960s and is the first vineyard site the family owned, with Rob and Terry growing up spending their childhoods here.

It now has over 78 hectares under vine, with the seasonal conditions seeing long, hot dry days and temperate cool nights. These climatic conditions combined with carefully controlled irrigation, and with thin topsoil over limestone restricts vigor in the vine so that overcropping does not occur.  This is a dominant red grape variety vineyard.

The estate grown vineyards sit between heritage scrub to one side and expansive almond orchards and which soon will have high grade Lucerne crops on this property and the Byrne family’s neighbouring Lone Oak estate. Unlike vines, Almonds are not self-pollinating so the art and process of the bee-keepers to bring in thousands of trained and willingly worker bees to the orchard each year is astounding.

Byrne Vineyards: Glen Devlin Vineyards, Riverland SA


Chardonnay  2.60
Chenin Blanc  4.50
Colombard  4.50
Muscadelle  5.70
White Frontignac 3.00
Cabernet Sauvignon  18.10
Ruby Cabernet  9.40
Shiraz  44.60
Total  91.40