Our Farms

Bringing Our Land to Life

At Byrne we take a holistic approach to our farming business. We grow and produce sustainably and in harmony with the natural environment to optimise our output with minimal impact on our surroundings and for future generations to benefit. We produce high quality horticultural produce that is ideally suited to our pristine land and we work closely with our clients and partners around the globe to deliver consistent high quality estate grown produce.

Our Byrne Farms are being developed to incorporate:

  • 500 ha Vineyard and Premium Wine Business
  • 450 ha Almond orchard
  • 700 ha Premium Lucerne Fodder production
  • 2400 ha Wetlands and wildlife habitat
  • Luxury Eco Suite Tourism Accommodation

South Australian Provenance

The Growing conditions in South Australia are ideally suited for these horticultural products and South Australia is internationally recognised for its premium food and wine from its clean environment as well as being a centre for excellence in Research and Development and growing of these products. Provenance is pivotal when we develop market tailored offerings from our estate, and we have a strong service mentality in the supply of our products to the marketplace.

  • Strong family values of integrity
  • Premium quality and high specification produce capability
  • Strong and experienced management and skilled workforce
  • International distribution experience, knowledge and network relationships
  • Recognition as a leader in water management and sustainability